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Kayla Stuckless
Holistic Health Coach
Founder and CEO
As a certified Fitness and Nutrition Health Expert, I have the knowledge and skills to help guide you through the struggles of living a healthy lifestyle. Offering a judgment free and positive approach to holistic health, including fitness, nutrition and mindset. 
Living a healthy lifestyle is a beautiful lifelong journey, there are no quick fixes. Unfortunately, society today does not make it easy! People are busier than ever, and there is a ton of confusing and contradictory health and wellness advice out there.
As a busy Mom of 3 boys, and a stroke survivor, I get that it's not easy! But, I also know how incredibly important it is. This is why I have dedicated my life to learning how to help you navigate through all the things, and make living a healthy lifestyle easier. Whether you need help with fitness, nutrition, mindset, or all 3 areas, I have a program for you!
In my Holistic Health Coaching program I look at all aspects of your life, because holistic health is more than what you eat, or a simple exercise routine, it's about nourishing your mind, body and soul. 
Let me help you find the joy in living healthy! Help you learn to enjoy the process with fun, motivation, accountability, and so much more. 
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In addition to my Holistic Health Coaching Program, I also offer Personal Training, Group Fitness Bootcamps, Nutrition & Mindset Workshops. Check out other services under the appropriate tab heading! 

Let's have a chat about your health, and how I can help you improve your life today!