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**All programs are offered in-person or virtually**
Holistic Health Coaching

In this program, my goal is to help you fall in love with the process of living a healthy lifestyle, eliminate the stress & confusion around healthy living, build routines and healthy habits to set you up for optimal success to continue living a healthy lifestyle independently in all areas of your life (Fitness, nutrition & mindset). Giving you the knowledge, support, skills, accountability, and motivation, you’ll need to get started. 

Program Includes:

90-Min Intake Session:
Where we take a detailed look at your lifestyle, habits, and goals. Using this information to come up with customized plans for the areas you need help the most, focusing on physical health, healthy eating, and mindset.

1 Personal Coaching Session Per Week
(Duration: 1 hr)

During these sessions, you will receive: 


  • Physical fitness education.

  • Monthly customized fitness plan(s)

  • Measurement & fitness tracking.

  • Nutrition education.

  • Weekly customized meal plans. 

  • Complete in 3 eating strategy; a simple way of eating healthy and eliminating food anxieties. 

  • Tips for meal prepping/ planning strategies.

  • Daily fibre and water intake goals, with simple tricks to achieve them. 

  • Grocery list.

  • Label reading training. 

  • Mindset education.

  • Healthy habit skill building strategies.

  • Stress management, sleep management, routine building, goal setting, and more, as needed. 

  • Professional accountability and motivation throughout the entire program to help keep you on track.

  • Book and podcast suggestions to enhance your knowledge, motivation and success on your healthy lifestyle journey

Weekly Email Check-ins, & daily access to your coach for questions, support & accountability! 

Personal Training

50 Min Intake Session:
Where we take a detailed look at your lifestyle, habits and goals, focusing on physical health. I will then use this information to create a customize fitness routine tailored to your life, likes and goals. 

1 Personal Training Session Per Week
(Duration: 1 hr)

These sessions will include: 

  • Customized monthly fitness plan(s).

  • Exercise education & training.

  • Measurement & fitness tracking.

  • Water intake goals.

  • Nutrition guidance.

  • Tips and tricks to help you successfully reach your goals. 

  • Book and podcast suggestions to enhance your fitness knowledge, motivation and success to continue your fitness journey. 

Weekly email check-ins, & daily access to your coach for questions, support & accountibility! 

Free Discovery Call

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